About Findyourgear

All the best cycling gears at the cheapest price. Always.

Buying cycling products and equipment online should not be a tedious, time-consuming exercise.

We are cyclists and triathletes as you are. Findyourgear.com was born from our passion for bikes and cycling and from our own need to easily find our top cycling gears at the best price.
We got frustrated as much as you having to surf infinite pages back and forth just to find out that the exact model or size we were looking for was not available anywhere.
We told ourselves, why not connect all the e-shops together, get the results in one single place and take the best price only? This saves us a lot of time and money on everything we need to buy for our beloved sport! And so we did ...

What Findyourgear.com is

It is an aggregator (or meta search engine) that helps bike lovers to find the cycling gear they are looking for, at the best price.
Findyourgear.com integrates more than 100 online shops catalogues and is constantly featuring new cycling products and brands. With such huge database of bike products and thousands more being added each day, chances are we've got exactly what you are looking for.
But this is NOT all!

Find that GEAR you didn't even know you needed

To our search engine we add some technology wizardry to give you what you want or what you need. You will be able to create your own shopping experience based both on your interests and others people choices.

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