Cycling Clothing - Road and MTB clothes, Helmets and Shoes

Road and MTB clothes, Helmets and Shoes

Whether it's shiny lycra for road riding pr a baggy and loose fit for mountain biking or even a posh urban outfit, offers you the best range of cycling clothes at the best price guaranteed, to make each of your rides unforgettable and stylish.

Road cycling apparel

Lycra is king on road cycling apparel. By being tightly fitting your body help reduce muscle fatigue and prevent chafing while enhancing aerodynamic.

The bibs or cycling shorts with a chamois is a must have on the saddle. The padded liner supports your sit bones and prevents chafing. Your gentle parts will be extremely grateful to you for choosing high quality, anatomic, antimicrobial and multidensity pads.

In winter the right clothing is important to keep you dry and warm. Moisture free lightweight base layer go hand in hand with windbreaking jackets, neckwarmers, gloves and overshoes.

Visibility is equally an issue in long winter nights, so make sure you wear a high visibility jacket, together with lights on your frame!

Aerodynamic road helmet and cycling eyewear complete the must have equipment of any road cyclist.

Mountain biking apparel

Mountain bike specific clothing is generally loose-fitting, mostly because MTBers like to adopt a freer style than roadies. But protection is key, too and baggy shorts and jersey allow more space for wearing protecting from the hazards of the trails.

When it comes to material and lining the same principles of durability and toughness apply. And the more hardcore your riding style is, the more you need sturdy material to come with you. Downhill racers tend to wear long trousers and sleeves and full finger gloves with a lot of padding and knuckle protections. Shin guards, elbow and knee protections, goggles and MTB helmets complete the perfect MTB apparel.

Urban and casual clothing

Casual urban cycling clothing can include some features of mtb and road bike clothing but look the same as casual urban clothing. This can be very handy if you commute and you want to be comfortable on the bike as well as look good when you get to where you're going.

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You might want to add to your sportive wardrobe Socks, leg and arm warmers, base layers, head warmers, tights or even the team kits of your favourite teams!

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