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Bike Chain Cleaning and Maintenance

CATEGORIES: Maintenance, Mountain Bikes, Road Bikes

The drivetrain and chain are known as the dirtiest parts of your bike. Whether you have a mountain bike or a road bike, this dirt can affect your bike longevity and performance.

This will increase the rate of chain wear, reduce the ... READ MORE

Basic Cycling Checklist

CATEGORIES: checklist, Mountain Bikes, Road Bikes

Are you riding for the first time? Or simply haven’t been on a bike ride for a while? Don’t worry about your cycling checklist, as we are here to make sure you have everything that you need to ride a bike safely. The best ... READ MORE

Bike Locks: The Right Way to Choose

CATEGORIES: accessories, Locks and security

Contrary to the notion, bike locks can be easily broken. But, a lock that is sturdy and has a savvy locking system can be trusted to provide the right protection and reduce the risk of theft.

These are the basic types of locks that ... READ MORE

Mountain Bikes: Types & Specifications

CATEGORIES: Mountain Bikes

Are you looking for your next perfect mountain bike, or want to buy your first? Either way, you should know about the basic types of mountain bikes, and their specifications, to buy the best one that fits your requirements. These bikes are designed ... READ MORE

ABC's of Bike Pre-Ride Inspection

Whether you're a professional rider or a seasonal one, it is always a great idea to inspect your bike before every ride and make sure everything is working in order. To help cyclists remember the primary areas of inspection, an easy ABCs (Air, READ MORE

BIKE CLOTHING: Jerseys, Shorts, and Tights

CATEGORIES: accessories, Jerseys, Shorts, and Tights

To make every ride comfortable on a bike – whether you’re climbing a tough trail or strolling on the road, the right bike clothing is necessary. The perfect fit and stretch will ensure that your riding is better and longer. Cycling jerseys, READ MORE

Bike Clothing: All About Bike Jackets

CATEGORIES: base-layers, cycling-jackets, Jerseys, Shorts, and Tights

Staying protected from harsh, cold winds and anything that falls off from the trail is necessary for a safe commute. Cycling jackets play a huge role in making sure you’re protected from any external debris, winds, or rain when you take those adventurous ... READ MORE

BIKE HELMETS: Types & Construction


As you don’t drive a car without seat belts, you shouldn’t ride a bike without a helmet! They not only protect you from getting seriously injured in case of an accident, but also make sense in harsh weathers like wind and rain. All helmets are ... READ MORE

The Ultimate Urban Bike Checklist

CATEGORIES: checklist

There are many great reasons you should cycle to work. It will not only help you to keep track with your fitness goals, but will also make your environment less polluted. Don’t have time to workout in the morning? Don’t worry, you can cycle ... READ MORE


CATEGORIES: Maintenance, Mountain Bikes, Road Bikes

Brakes are considered as one of the most important parts of a bike. Their optimum condition can be maintained by keeping them clean and lubricated. Whether you’re climbing the mountains or strolling on your street, when your brakes are in good shape, you can ... READ MORE

BIKE LIGHTS: Types & Light Performance

CATEGORIES: accessories, bike lights, Mountain Bikes, Road Bikes

Since the popularity rise of bicycles, bike lights have come a long way. They are now smaller and brighter than ever and are also crucial for a safe commute. When you go shopping for the perfect bike light to illuminate your path, ask ... READ MORE

BIKE LIGHTS: Rechargeable Lighting System and Mounting Options

CATEGORIES: accessories, bike lights, Road Bikes

Bike lights are necessary to make your rides safer during the day as well as nights. In the previous article, we learned about the different types different types of lights and their lighting performance. In this one, we will share more about ... READ MORE


CATEGORIES: inner tubes, Maintenance, tubeless

Tubeless tires are a preference of elite racers and are now gaining popularity with other riders throughout the world. Since the evolution of car tires to tubeless ones, bicycle world has long awaited its introduction. To have a tire without a tube, you ... READ MORE

TUBE Vs TUBELESS: Best Ways to Go Tubeless

CATEGORIES: inner tubes, Mountain Bikes, Road Bikes, tubeless

Tubeless tires are trending in the bike world more than ever, and more and more cyclists are switching to this new tradition. There are many pros and cons of tubeless tires, but the benefits outweigh the negative aspects. If you have decided to ... READ MORE

TUBE Vs TUBELESS: Tips for Mounting Tubeless Tires

CATEGORIES: inner tubes, Mountain Bikes, Road Bikes, tubeless

Tubeless tires are a favorite of many elite racers around the world. The reason behind their booming popularity is the lightweight and their durability during contact with rocks and other hard objects on the road. They will not only enhance your performance on the ... READ MORE

Bike Creaks and Squeaks: Fix Squeaky Bike Chain Noises

CATEGORIES: Maintenance, Mountain Bikes, Road Bikes

Bikes can get noises when their parts are not maintained at their optimum condition. Your bicycle can produce noises like squeaks, squeal, creaks, and clicks, which can get annoying when you’re riding your bike. They may also indicate some serious problem that might cause ... READ MORE

Bike Creaks and Squeaks: Fix Squeaky Bike Brakes Noises

CATEGORIES: brakes, Maintenance

Noises in the bike can not only be annoying but may also indicate some serious problem, which might need immediate attention. It may be a result of some injury or damage to your bike; regardless of the reasons, this needs to be fixed. Previously ... READ MORE


CATEGORIES: Maintenance, Mountain Bikes, Road Bikes

Every cyclist knows the sound of creaks and squeaks coming from their bike from time to time. These sounds can be a result of some major problem with the important parts of your bicycle like bike saddle and suspension, which may require ... READ MORE

BIKE CREAKS AND SQUEAKS: Fix Bike Seat Post, Crank, Derailleur & Headset Noises

CATEGORIES: Crank-Derailleur-Headset, drivetrain and chains, Maintenance

There is nothing worse than a bike squeaking and creaking, every time you decide to take a stroll. There are many parts of a bike that may cause noises, and each one may vary differently. The main reasons to find out why your bike ... READ MORE

BIKE CREAKS AND SQUEAKS: Fix Bike Pedals, Handlebars & Lever Noises

CATEGORIES: handlebars, Maintenance, pedals, shifters

There are many reasons of the squeaking and creaking noises in your bike. There might be a simple problem of loosened bolts or there might be a major problem that may require a professional’s attention. Without getting to the cause of the problem, you ... READ MORE

Which Mountain Bike is the Best? 27.5" Vs 29er

CATEGORIES: 29er, Mountain Bikes

Wheel size wasn't always a big concern for many bike riders, and the standard mountain bike comes with 26" wheels. Then two sizes were introduced, and even though 26" remained the king, 29" became highly popular. After a few years, 27.5" was ... READ MORE

Basics of 29er Mountain Bike

CATEGORIES: Mountain Bikes

Whether you have casual interest in bikes or you’re a professional mountain biker, the trending bigger wheel notion has been sweeping the biking industry for quite some years now. The size, 29er in wheels is here to stay for mountain bikes as many elite ... READ MORE

Day Bicycle Touring Checklist

CATEGORIES: checklist

Are you ready for you day of cycling? Here is a list of some of the most necessary comprehensive items that you need on your adventurous trip-



You need these two basic essentials to start your ride. 

Bicycle Urban Checklist

CATEGORIES: checklist, Road Bikes

For different cycling expeditions, the requirement of items changes dramatically. When you're simply learning to ride a bike, the basic cycling checklist is required, or when you're cycling for long hours, day bicycle touring checklist is required. Things change when you're biking ... READ MORE