How our story began

Author: Tommaso Cacurio, Published on Aug. 3, 2016

Some years ago I started to think about getting a kickass bicycle. I am in the middle of my mid-life crisis and thinking about going for a Half Ironman.
Where to start looking for my new machine? Online, of course. Let's go to manufacturer websites.
After spending a good amount of time on the producer's sites and having seen beautiful pieces of art in many cycling races, I made up my mind and narrowed my search to 3 models only.

Obviously, I wanted the best price! Why pay more to get the same?

Got online and start surfing, starting from the largest online marketplaces, I went deeper into sporting generalist down to cycling-only medium size e-shops. There I became very frustrated!

Few e-shops were having all the brands I wanted. Even fewer had the models I was looking for. Just two had the colors I wanted, and guess what?! nobody had the size I needed!!
I am good at googling (I even worked in Google some years ago) and at digging out information online. But nothing, I couldn't get what I wanted!
This search lasted for weeks. At the end I was so tired I went into a local store, I bought the bike and few cycling clothes at FULL PRICE and I came back home: broke.

At this point I thought: why not connect all the e-shops together as a meta-search engine and get the results in one single place? That will save me a lot of time and money on anything else I will need to buy for my bike in the future; tyres, inner tubes, pumps, you name it!

I called two friends (the two best software engineers I've ever known) and they created that search engine in a snap.

After 9 months was born. And the dreams goes on! We are working on the next stages, we want to provide our customers with a fully customisable, curated shopping experience, offering you the top notch gears at the best prices. And make is so that you can use all the time we freed for you doing the best thing in the world. Cycle.

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